What magazine do you recommend for use in the SCAR25?

For optimal performance we recommend that SCAR25 owners use the Knight’s Armament Company M110/SR25 magazine. Other variants of the KAC M110/SR25 pattern magazine of quality manufacture should offer similar performance. However, we chose the KAC M110/SR25 as the standard magazine for the SCAR25. The KAC pattern magazine has a long and successful track record. The basic pattern has been in use since the first 1950’s era Armalite AR-10 and is currently used in the U.S. Army’s M110 sniper rifle manufactured by KAC. X-Products, POF, ASC, DPMS, C-products, Magpul, Lancer and other manufacturers offer variants of the KAC magazine. These manufacturers have their own design and manufacturing interpretation of the SR25/M110 pattern magazine; these variants are not identical to the KAC magazine and exhibit their own unique design and function characteristics. Occasionally, the makers of one of these variants will produce an example of their product that will not function or interact as originally designed when combined with other third party components.

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