Barrel Assemblies & Caliber Conversions

Handl Defense has developed a wide range of complete barrel assemblies and caliber conversions. The difference between a barrel assembly and a caliber conversion is determined by what needs to be installed to accomplish the task.

For example: If you have a .308 rifle and you wish to shoot .260 Remington, or other .308 based calibers, all you need is a barrel assembly because both barrel kits are based off the .308 cartridge. If you have a .308 rifle and you wish to shoot 5.56, or 7.62x39mm you will need a caliber conversion.

To accomplish a conversion that requires a new base cartridge. You will need to buy the caliber conversion kit of your choice and a Universal Bolt Carrier (one time purchase). 

The Universal Bolt Carrier is needed to utilize any caliber conversion Handl Defense might produce. Not only for standard rifle length systems but PDW, SSR, and every caliber variant envisioned.

Each specifc caliber conversion kit that crosses base cartridges will include the compnets needed for those platforms . For example if you want to convert from .308 based platforms to 7.62×39. The caliber conversions will include one barrel assembly, complete trigger module, all bolts, firing pins, and needed parts for the conversion. 

If you choose to cross base cartridges, like .308 to 300 blackout, you will need to purchase the full 300 blackout caliber conversion kit. Then if you want a second caliber (5.56mm) in the new base cartridge. You will only have to buy the new barrel assembly.  


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