Will Timney or Geissele triggers work in the SCAR25 lower?

Yes. They both work perfectly. We have installed hundreds of each type into customer guns as well as our guns.

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Does My Handl Defense SCAR25 receiver need to be shipped to an FFL dealer?

No. Your Handl Defense LLC SCAR25 lower receiver can be shipped directly to your door. This item is considered an accessory because it is not the serialized component of the firearm. The FN SCAR upper receiver is considered the firearm and is the regulated part of the rifle.
(See Attached ATF Ruling: atf-ruling-2008-1)

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Is it hard to install FN factory lower parts into my new SCAR25 lower receiver?

Handl Defense LLC recommends that a competent gunsmith or armorer perform the installation of the SCAR-H lower parts. Handl Defense LLC will not offer any type of phone support, or warranty any work performed by a non-qualified person. If you do not have a gunsmith or armorer who can do the work for you, we can refer you to one that is certified by Handl Defense, or you may send your FN SCAR-H lower along with your new SCAR25 lower to Handl Defense LLC and we will perform the installation for you (fees apply). Additionally, we offer a full warranty on all work performed by us.

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Will my SCAR25 still accept factory FN SCAR-H magazines?

No. The SCAR25 lower was specifically designed to accept the SR25/M110 magazine pattern, which is significantly different from the factory SCAR-H magazine.

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Will the SCAR25 lower receiver fit my semi-auto SCAR 17 / SCAR 17s?

Yes. The SCAR 25 does work with all semi auto SCAR (s); refereed to as SCAR 17, SCAR 17s, SCAR H, Civilian SCAR’s.

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What magazine do you recommend for use in the SCAR25?

For optimal performance we recommend that SCAR25 owners use the Knight’s Armament Company M110/SR25 magazine. Other variants of the KAC M110/SR25 pattern magazine of quality manufacture should offer similar performance. However, we chose the KAC M110/SR25 as the standard magazine for the SCAR25. The KAC pattern magazine has a long and successful track record. The basic pattern has been in use since the first 1950’s era Armalite AR-10 and is currently used in the U.S. Army’s M110 sniper rifle manufactured by KAC. X-Products, POF, ASC, DPMS, C-products, Magpul, Lancer and other manufacturers offer variants of the KAC magazine. These manufacturers have their own design and manufacturing interpretation of the SR25/M110 pattern magazine; these variants are not identical to the KAC magazine and exhibit their own unique design and function characteristics. Occasionally, the makers of one of these variants will produce an example of their product that will not function or interact as originally designed when combined with other third party components.

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Will a SCAR25m fit on a SCAR17 /17s?

NO, The SCAR25m was designed specifically for the MK17 rifle. Even if you have a select fire SCAR17 /17s or full auto parts it will not fit on your upper. Also the SCAR25m has a 180 degree selector switch pictogram in accordance to military specification.

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What is the difference between the SCAR25 models?

The SCAR25 is made of 7075 T6 Billet Aluminum, and the SCAR25 MOD 2 is made of AZ31 Billet Magnesium. The result is a 30% weight savings, and 40% less heat transfer during sustained fire. The SCAR25m has the same properties as the SCAR25 MOD 2 however it will only fit on the military MK17 rifle only. There are a number of differences that only pertain to the military select fire MK17 rifles that will prevent it from fitting on a semi-automatic SCAR.

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Do I need to modify any of my FN factory lower parts to fit into the SCAR25 lower receiver?

No. The SCAR25 was designed to accept all factory SCAR-H internal parts without any modification.

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I have a SCAR25 lower in FDE. Is it normal for the pinholes to be tight when I install the lower parts?

Yes, the FDE units are painted on the exterior of the lower. In some instances the paint makes it difficult when installing the lower parts into the SCAR25 lower. If some fitment may be required due to paint build up. Also the FDE paint has ceramic materials that can result in slight gritty feeling in some receiver holes. This will go away once the lower has been used and the ceramic particles are worked in.

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Does the X-Products drum magazine work with the SCAR25?

To date X-Products has released 8 variations of their drum magazine. Some of their drum magazines work with our lower, while some do not. This is due to the height of their magazine tower. Their tower is optimized for use with forged SR-25 lower receivers such as the KAC SR-25. Many billet lowers can have different variances in regards to the mag well length. We are working with X-Products to ensure that future production of both of our products will work flawlessly together. X-Products has modified a number of our lowers that you can purchase directly from them that is pre fit to their current production drums. All other SR25/M110 type magazines will still work in our lower. However we recommend that you modify the magazine (drum) since it is a consumable product and fitment issues might occur in other systems as well. If you have any further questions in regards feel free to send us an email.

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Do all AR-15 type pistol grips fit the SCAR25?

All AR-15 pattern grips do fit the SCAR25 receiver, however if the grip has a rigid beaver tail on the grip that could cause interference with the receivers rear contours not allowing the grip to fully seat. For best performance use a grip that does not have a beaver tail. Grips with pliable beaver tails such as the Ergo, and Magpul MOE Plus grips will fit without issues.

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What are the benefits of the SCAR25 lower versus the factory FN polymer lower?

The SCAR25 lower is made of billet aluminum or magnesium (depending on variant). Our lowers are not prone to flex (commonly observed with the FN polymer lower) this increases shot-to-shot accuracy. Additionally, the Special Forces community has experienced problems with the polymer lower swelling in wet environments; our metal lowers do not have this issue. Finally, SR25/M110 pattern magazines are readily available, inexpensive, and have interchangeability between common 7.62×51 battle rifle platforms (FN factory magazines are less cost-effective, not readily available, and are proprietary to the SCAR weapon system).

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Will my magnesium lower catch fire?

The SCAR25 MOD 2 and SCAR25m will not catch fire. Some people hear “Magnesium” and think of the camping fire starters. This is not the same! Our AZ31 magnesium is a magnesium alloy (90% Magnesium, 7% Aluminum, 3% Zinc) As a raw billet this alloy has a 1400 degree melting point.

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What coating is used on SCAR25 lowers in FDE?

SCAR25 lowers in FDE are coated with a baked-on, proprietary, mil-spec ceramic paint specially formulated for Handl Defense by KG Industries.

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I am a gunsmith and have questions about installing the OEM lower parts into the SCAR25 lower. Can you help?

Yes. We are happy to help any licensed gunsmith or certified armorer with questions regarding lower parts installation into the SCAR25 lower.

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Why am I not allowed to access some pages on the site?

Some pages on the Handl Defense site are restricted to military personnel, and pertain to matters of the MK17 / MK20 improvement program that are confidential and access is restricted to only those that are involved with the program.

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If my lower has been permanently modified in a fashion that Handl Defense does not offer as a standard part will you honor the warranty?

No, If you modify your receiver in a permanent fashion Handl Defense is unable to honor any warranties. We would be glad to assist you with any problems you may have but you will be liable for shop labor time and we can not guarantee we can fix the problem. Please see Handl Defense LLC warranty for further details.

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Barrel Assemblies & Caliber Conversions

Handl Defense has developed a wide range of complete barrel assemblies and caliber conversions. The difference between a barrel assembly and a caliber conversion is determined by what needs to be installed to accomplish the task.

For example: If you have a .308 rifle and you wish to shoot .260 Remington, or other .308 based calibers, all you need is a barrel assembly because both barrel kits are based off the .308 cartridge. If you have a .308 rifle and you wish to shoot 5.56, or 7.62x39mm you will need a caliber conversion.

To accomplish a conversion that requires a new base cartridge. You will need to buy the caliber conversion kit of your choice and a Universal Bolt Carrier (one time purchase). 

The Universal Bolt Carrier is needed to utilize any caliber conversion Handl Defense might produce. Not only for standard rifle length systems but PDW, SSR, and every caliber variant envisioned.

Each specifc caliber conversion kit that crosses base cartridges will include the compnets needed for those platforms . For example if you want to convert from .308 based platforms to 7.62×39. The caliber conversions will include one barrel assembly, complete trigger module, all bolts, firing pins, and needed parts for the conversion. 

If you choose to cross base cartridges, like .308 to 300 blackout, you will need to purchase the full 300 blackout caliber conversion kit. Then if you want a second caliber (5.56mm) in the new base cartridge. You will only have to buy the new barrel assembly.  


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If I choose to attempt the installation of my SCAR lower parts into the SCAR25 will it void my warranty?

No. Handl Defense LLC will cover the actual lower against any manufacturing defects. But cannot guarantee 100% functionality unless the installation was done by Handl Defense LLC or a competent armorer or gunsmith.  Please see Handl Defense LLC warranty.

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