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Throughout the Veteran Business Community there are many intelligent and bold leaders. Some in spaces that might not seem fertile ground for veterans. One fine example of this is Evan Hafer over at Black Rifle Coffee Company. He has singlehandedly wrested single batch roast to order coffees away from the condescending hipster elites and openly mocks them while doing so. I had the honor of serving in the same unit as Evan. I always found him to be a quintessential professional, yet with an open mind, and very outgoing personality. What is less known is Evan is a very proficient shooter. Even within our community, very proficient.

The BrassTacs is a blog ( where Scott Lambin does extensive reviews on great American pastimes. Like firearms, Tim Kennedy beating people up, guns, home defense, Coke bottle gas masks, things that shoot, and machine guns. His articles are easy reads and cut to the point. I was considering writing an article on this very subject. But we would get caught up in some Warrant Officer bloviating on the Secretary of State’s  juxtaposition for supporting Shia geopolitical goals in the face of historical Sunni nation support. So without delay, here is Scott and the guys at BRCC on POTUS -Elects possible staff.

Now that the election is over; whether you are shocked, appalled or happy maybe like most, a mixed bag of all aforementioned emotions. The BrassTacs was recently in Washington D.C and the level of #Butthurt that we witnessed was astonishing! Now that we have avoided the train wreck called another Clinton Presidency, where are we with those advising Donald J Trump; who will be 45th President of the United States of America. Love him or hate him he was the best option to in fact; #makeamericagreatagain. Particularly for our 2nd Amendment! Many of us has said it from the start. “Trump will do just fine so long as he has a trusted group of people surrounding him”. We have laid out a panel of heavy hitters; military, law enforcement and those that are not new to the D.C circus. One thing is certain! ANYONE will be better than what we have seen in the previous 8 years!

justicePresident Elect Trump shed light on the appointment of the Supreme Court Justice to replace Justice Scalia, he also released a list of twenty – some prospects. We know the importance; we know the vicarious predicament it puts our 2nd amendment in, should someone more liberal than Scalia be appointed. We would recommend the appointment of Ted Cruz to fill the big shoes of the late Antonin Scalia. Throughout the primaries Ted Cruz proved to have a clear head. He was rarely drug down the rabbit holes of slander and irrelevancy. Ted Cruz has the precise demeanor that our 2nd amendment needs to be upheld in a manner that protects all other rights!



dojOur pick to lead the Department of Justice is none other than Trey Gowdy! The Republican congressman from South Carolina that spear headed a plethora of investigations on Hillary Clinton (which was not a witch hunt). If you remember, Mr. Gowdy is the one who Hillary asked the infamous question about “What difference does it make, whether or not those responsible for inciting the terrorist attacks in Benghazi spontaneously, or deliberately”. Trey Gowdy is that of a relentless bulldog when he interviews anyone, not for precise political gain, but to bring justice to those that have broken the law. The level of integrity he would bring to the Justice department is one that in our opinion hasn’t been seen in quite some time. In short…Mr. Gowdy is like the honey badger…he just doesn’t give a fuck!


dvaWe have ALL said the name James Mattis in one way or the other! The retired Marine General will go down in history as one of the most feared and respected leaders of Global War On Terror. With an unsurpassed level of integrity General “Mad Dog” Mattis would clean house throughout the Department of Veterans Affairs. He has taken care of his Marines and other military personnel in combat. James Mattis’ fortitude has been tested, forged and has triumphed over the vast majority of the political heads on the battle field. Rest assured, that having someone with the experience and leadership overseeing the welfare of our warriors; accountability would be adhered to and Veterans would be taken care of!


generalPresident Elect Trump has repeatedly stated that he will repeal Obama Care with the promise of “something better” put into place. It is up to the Surgeon General to pull the trigger on the overhaul! We have yet to see what the alternative is. Dr. Ben Carson is the man to line item the broken medical plan that is currently law. Dr. Carson does not fly by the seat of his pants and is very calculated in his actions…kind of important when you’re a surgeon. Dr. Ben Carson understands the medical industry and the people it serves. Next to a national reciprocity conceal and carry law, Repealing Obama care is at a close second in terms of prioritization! Ben Carson is the one to shit can it!



dosSome would argue that the Secretary of State is one of the most crucial appointments that a POTUS can make. As important as international relationships can be, someone with a spine needs to be in charge of the department that forges those relationships. The past 8 years of SEC STATEs have been rollovers and have allowed just about every country to embarrass us in their countries and in ours. From bowing to apologizing, we have undoubtedly encouraged a weak stature on the international stage. Newt Gingrich has been in politics for quite some time. Starting in Georgia and moving up to the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Not only a political powerhouse, Newt is also a businessman who can identify when we’re about to get bent over on trade and import/export deals…something that Kerry and Clinton couldn’t or wouldn’t  do. Everyone in the past 8 years opted to let our country get boned! Newt knows the inner workings of  Washington DC and would be a great asset in diplomacy.


dodWe have only begun to scratch the surface and there are plenty others that would be considered “Key” to making America great again. Who is going to lead our warfighters? Who will be the face of the greatest fighting force on the planet? This decision was a toss up between Mad Dog Mattis and who we thought would be better suited for the job. Lieutenant General Michael Flynn! The former director for the Defense Intelligence Agency and many others. General Flynn is also a battlefield leader during the Global War on Terror. Pick up a rock…now throw it in any direction, you more than likely hit someone with at least one deployment in support of the GWOT, but do they have the stature and clear head that Lt. General Flynn has?  He is not only a leader in GWOT Michael Flynn will cut through the bullshit, roll up his sleeves and get down to it! At one point he was projected as a possibility of President Elect Donald Trumps running mate for VPOTUS also, so with the long rolodex of contacts and institutional knowledge, Flynn would be the man for the job!


dhsFormer NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani experienced the ultimate gut wrenching experience on September 11th 2001 when those two planes flew into the Twin Towers. Having the worst terrorist attack take place in your city is something that I cannot fathom. Then Mayor Giuliani showed extraordinary fortitude in uniting the city and arguably the entire United States of America. He and President Bush conducted a series of public announcements encouraging EVERYONE to come together under such a tough time. Mayor Giuliani wasted no time in helping in draft up many effective plans for New York City to keep its citizens safer against the growing threat to more terrorist attacks and violent crimes. Mayor Giuliani flew both of his middle fingers up at the mafia during his tenure as the spearhead for New York City! Rudy Giuliani is our pick for Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security. His track record has shown tenacity in standing up to dickheads that run the political and criminal machines and he has been knighted by Queen Elizabeth for fucks sake!


Although this is only a portion of the key personnel that will ultimately advise President Elect Trump to overwhelming success in the Oval office. We will leave the speculation of the other offices up to you. Do you have an opinion on them? If so we would like to hear your input! This is merely our opinion. Most of the guys at BRCC and The BrassTacs have decades of experience working with both administrations under Presidents Bush and Obama specifically the (DoD and DoS). We haven’t even gotten to the inaugurations and Portland is virtually burning to the ground and college kids are refusing to go to class until there is a re election! Hypothetically, would another election yield a different result? Why?


Handl Defense would like to thank BrassTacs and Black Rifle Coffee Company for this contribution. This is reposted here with their permission.

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