What is at stake in this Presidential Election?

What is at Stake this Election

Often times life is so hectic that it is hard to gain perspective beyond the daily grind. Deadlines, commitments, and schedules dominate our day. So when we actually get the chance to pull our head up and look around we are inundated with information. While any individual with a sliver of awareness will know, media is subjective. That any story told, especially by todays media, will be more opinion than fact.

It can be very hard to tell how these stories and perspectives will affect your life. Tales of corruption and ambiguous dealings, how does it affect you in your personal daily life? With America making a choice as to who will be the next President, what is really at stake in this election?

Often times as an SF Warrant Officer, it was my job to explain how the Strategic Goals of the COCOM directly affect the team on the ground. I would explain how the actions of one person can actually shift international policy. It was often met with skepticism, until it was explained, how an ODA is a strategic asset. SFODA’s are designed to be placed in positions to effect global outcomes. Shoot the wrong guy or offending a strategic partner can have cascading and long lasting effects.

But one might ask, how can one person can affect global relations? The Colombian Prostitution Scandal in 2012 is a fine example. One person’s lack of ethics affected international relations with a key partner nation and US Governmental policy on an international level. Notice the now mandatory, trafficking in human persons online training for DoD. Make no mistake, this crossed the desk of the President of the United States. I am quite sure that it effected everyone in the chain of command negatively.

The inverse of this is also true, national level policy decisions can affect you in your everyday life. They can affect you a lot more than you know. Devaluation of the US Dollar by way of Quantitative Easing means your trips to the grocery store just got more expensive. Alterations in interest rates now mean your mortgage just got more expensive. These two added together means you are waiting another year or two extra to buy that new car. Or you will delay saving for your children’s education.

Presidential decisions have depth and duration in their effects. In this election one choice has a history of being successful real estate tycoon. While part showman and brasher than most would like, he has shown a penchant for understanding the plight of the everyday person. I feel he accurately realizes that as the American worker suffers, so does the country. He also sees that as the American worker thrives so does the country. He has an understanding of how the guy on the ground makes the whole thing go. While he has been able to do this in business, it remains to be seen if this can be done in politics. I consider business harder than politics, so I wouldn’t bet against him.

In this election one quantity is a relative unknown, the other is not. The DC establishment candidate has an atrocious record. This person has also reached the end of their primary battle in the most deplorable manner. The overt corruption and fixing of the entire primary system for that party was just recently put on full display. Instead of ostracizing the guilty, they are rehired elsewhere and sheltered. Then with their spouse applying pressure on the US Attorney General, who has authority over the FBI, produced a lack of charges in the most obvious violations of USC 18 sec 793, sec 798, and sec 1001, in history.

This lack of accountability and competency is not new for this person. This person’s life in public office as well as private endeavors, is colored with similar events. Acquitting rapists, destroying legal files while under investigation, Real Estate Scandals, Domestic Policy failures, ineffective terms as a US Senator, a disastrous global destabilization as Secretary of State, culminating in the death of four Americans, to include an ambassador, at Benghazi, allowing for the rise of ISIS to become a global threat, while antagonizing China and Russia. This person’s foreign policy was recently described as “chaos, death, and destruction”.

That death and destruction is not limited to outside the United States. You may know of Vince Foster, Mary Mahoney, and Ron Brown who were witnesses having died during investigation of this person. But there are 35 people who have died under odd or mysterious circumstances in association with this person. This does not include the 12 bodyguards and military attachés who have died while working or after working with them as well.

So this unaccountable, corrupt, incompetent, ineffective, that mysterious deaths of key witnesses seem to keep recurring around, also has an international foundation. An international foundation that seems to sell access and placement for money into sensitive government positions. It does not matter who you are or what you support. Hang gays from light poles and beat women, but want to influence US policy, just send a check. Want to sit on an intelligence committee to gain information relevant to your personal business, just wire your donation today.

Now this person, with this history, could possibly be President. The next President of the United States faces major Political, Economic, Security, and Social challenges. The precarious positions we face in all four of those criteria is a bad I as I can ever remember.

Regardless of who wins the Presidency they will face massive political headwinds. This country is as divided as it has ever been. We consistently call ourselves “conservatives” or “liberals”. We divide our states into the blue and red. This could easily be transposed into Blue and Grey. Red and Blue states have different economies, social structure, customs and political values. The Red states will be even further rejected and suppressed under their yoke.

The next President is going to select as many as four supreme court justices. If the DC establishment candidate gets in, the final check on government corruption is gone. The 2nd amendment is that final check on government corruption. The calls for “Australia style confiscations” would also probability result in civil disobedience, if not open insurrection. I fear the response to those who would defy her will receive the most violent response by our government against its people in our history. Again only deepening the split between left and right in this country. Possibly resulting in a revolt or cessation movement.

Once again as in the 1860’s protectionism and free trade are a major economic sticking point. The wealthy, which have overwhelmingly supported the DC establishment candidate, profit immensely from free trade agreements. Free trade agreements like TPP and NAFTA, drive costly domestic wages down which is exacerbated by unrestricted immigration. Unrestricted immigration will lead to more people than work, again suppressing wages. Enacting TPP will begin the end of the American Middle Class, and further devastate American production capability.

Our national debt is nearly 20 trillion dollars. That is 20 million, million dollars. That is almost $60,000 per person and $130,000 per tax payer that is owed. Now understand someone owns that debt. Someone holds the note and therefore leverage until they are paid off. Without a massive explosion in productivity and profits, we will be bankrupt and default on our debt in the next few years. Much of this debt is short term notes and not long term treasury bonds. If we took every penny everyone in the USA made in a year and paid it against the debt it would take 2 years of our entire GDP to eliminate the debt accumulated predominately over the last 8 years.

US economic instability means global economic instability. The US Dollar is still the world reserve currency. Our economy tanks again, as our GDP increasing 1.2% indicates, the global economy comes undone as well. When economies falter, wars start. Militarily strong countries take from the weak. China and Russia have both begun expansionist programs and have claimed territory that was not theirs. This is also compounded by the fact that since the DC establishment candidate was Secretary of State we have ceded our positions of strength while being antagonistic towards China and Russia. We are viewed as leaderless and weak throughout most of the world.

With an influx of migrants from the greater middle east with no clear way to validate their origins or actual intent we invite chaos. Paris, Nice, Brussels, and Orlando will become the rule not the exceptions. We underestimate the ability for Islamic Terrorists to conduct attacks that have social and political effects on the United States. Under the DC Establishment candidate, who will continue the current failed policies, they will only become worse.

While these are the primary issues facing our next president, there are many more. Race relations are in tatters. Law Enforcement is under attack. The rule of law does not apply to all. Plainly written aspects of the Constitution are routinely ignored by judges. The Media is utterly corrupted. The Military is social test tube instead of fighting force. American Infrastructure is crumbling. List goes on and on.

In face of this crisis, we have a choice, and that choice has consequences. The stakes couldn’t be higher. The future of, if not the very existence of western democracy hangs in the balance. Will the experiment for a Constitutional Republic implode under its own debt, to be replaced by a capitalist monarchy? Will America be where the wealthy insiders live under one set of rules and the rest of us under another? Will the Constitution maintain its rightful place or continue to be legislated into irrelevance?

We have two choices. While many are instantly screaming “there are other choices”, no there are not. There are only two people who can be president, everything else is a distraction. Unless things change, there will only be a continuation of the chaos, death, and destruction. We have the DC Establishment or the Braggadocios Real Estate Tycoon. You should know which way I am voting, because everything, and I mean everything is riding on it.

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