Thoughts on Orlando’s shooting.

This is what I think about Orlando

The LBGT community needs the 2nd Amendment

The attack in Orlando should give all of us pause. We should stop and think of the dead and wounded. Today there are hundreds of people waking up to a shattered world. Having dealt with death far too many times. I cannot begin to tell you the impact this life altering tragedy is for the victims and families. 

But once again, we are also compliant in this. There is not some religion or firearm to blame. That is the argument of the weak and shallow minded. This risk of violence will always exist, the tool might change, but the intent is always the same. We are compliant in this because we failed to take precautions. We have the means to reduce our exposure to this risk, and continually fail to take them. 

Once again we fail to take Radicalized Islamic Terrorists at their word. They say they will attack us and give us a hit list. They say they will attack us and generally where. Yet some still stand flabbergasted when it actually happens. This is not intended as a discussion of failed foreign policy or changes to counter terrorism efforts. This is a discussion about what we can do to react when it does happen.
One of the advantages terrorism has, is it forces us to react. Actions in response to terrorists require speed, accuracy, and lethality. Proximity of armed responders to the immediate event is directly relative to minimizing the damage. Nobody is closer than those who are being targeted by the attack. 

Governments clearly do not want or normally allow citizens to be part of the immediate reaction. Droves of active duty service members being unarmed targets is a glaring case in point. Governments are probably concerned about liability, maintaining relevance, or even establishing greater citizen dependence on its protection. 

This is the exact reason terrorism is so successful and resilient. They exploit the capability gap in local, state, and federal governments ability to react with quick, accurate, force. This capability gap can only be bridged by absolute martial law with unrestricted electronic surveillance or armed citizens. While some might actually choose to be property of the state, I’ll choose the armed citizen option. 
Terrorist organizations do target analysis. They know to hit where the resistance is weakest, where the government has the least influence. They know to hit where the guns are not. We all know “gun free-zones” attract violent cowards. But where is the right of self-protection most restricted? Where would the lethal response be the slowest? Where could a terrorist kill the most people before an armed response arrives? 

This usually means, blue states, blue cities. What is usually at the core of these big blue cities in blue states? A vibrant LBGT community. So for Radicalized Islamic Terrorists who have a religious aspect to their targeting, the LBGT community is the perfect target. 
So for those whose radicalized belief system can be translated to “submission and surrender” acceptance of homosexuality is the epitome of total misguidance, weak intellect, lack of religious commitment, and deprivation. For further elaboration on the this subject I suggest reading the Qur’an itself. I suggest reading over Tirmidhi 1:152, Tirmidhi 1:457, Surah 4:16, 7:80, 29:28, 27:54, 26:165. 

The open tolerance of homosexuality is one of the clearest differences between Western Society and Radicalized Islamism. It is why I believe that the Pulse nightclub was targeted. One attack that has multiple effects both political and social. I think that because Radicalized Islamic Terrorists find homosexuality so abhorrent they will continue to attack the LGBT community. They see it as a direct attack on the depravity of the west. Then they see the response it gets from our media. They see the political opportunists dividing the country even further. Win-win in the minds of the attackers. 

For this very reason, LGBT community needs to embrace their right of self-protection. The LGBT community needs the second amendment. If you are gay in America, then you are a terrorist target. You need to learn to protect yourself. You need to learn to handle a firearm, you need to get a concealed permit, you need to get training. 

I am a straight Christian white man and I am not an active supporter of the LGBT community. But what I will absolutely support is every Americans right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” even if that is different than my own. America is about freedom, the freedom to be what you want, do what you want. It applies to us all, or it applies to none. I have fought for it, buried too many friends for it, and it is the job of every veteran to insure it. 

We on the right say “when seconds count…the police are minutes away”. Unfortunately, the people in the Pulse nightclub and their friends and family had to pay a dear cost for this fact. I hope the LGBT community understands it is dead center of the crosshairs of those who have no reservations about killing indiscriminately. That the LGBT community needs to learn to protect itself the best it can. The LBGT community needs the Second Amendment.

Written by Frank Plumb, Co Founder of Handl Defense. 06/12/2016

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