Who is Handl Defense?

Handl Defense is a veteran owned manufacturing, technology, and innovation company. We are focused on bringing advanced solutions to modern weapons platforms. We are more than just our well known enhancements to the FN SCAR® platform. What sets Handl Defense apart is our ability to provide rapid, effective, mission focused solutions for: customers, strategic partners, and government agencies.
While started from humble beginnings, we have progressed to a new level of capability and refinement. We recognize that perfection is a pursuit, not a destination. That environments, tactics, and missions are constantly changing. That we at Handl Defense must change with it. We must adapt to the environments that face us. The false idea that one could be the only source of innovation is the first step to irrelevance. Our customers are a phenomenal source of inspiration and innovation. We are constantly looking for ways to improve existing technologies and capabilities. 
We seek to provide value to our customers by improving performance, adding new capabilities, and increasing durability. We strive to provide cutting edge products, customer service, and education for our customers. Handl Defense product development is based in military standards, military doctrine, and our real world operational experience.
We will constantly seek self improvement by strictly adhering to our principals: Loyalty, Integrity, and Duty. We will be loyal to our country, customers, and branches of service. We will never wavier on being accurate, truthful, and correct in our representations of ourselves, our products, and our military service. Handl Defense has a duty to our customers, regardless if they are a Green Beret, a SWAT officer, or a prepared citizen. We will do our best to take of you, we will treat you with the integrity we expect from ourselves.

We want to thank our current customers for their support. We want you to know we will do all we can to support you. Even if you never buy one of our products you should know that our education resources are available for your enlightenment. If you are thinking about our products know we are more than a company, we are a brotherhood.  We hope you will join us.

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